Hope everyone is having a great 2023! :)

Hope everyone had an amazing christmas!

So close to christmas now!

Tyler Furrison Can you believe it guys? Christmas! Just a week away! Christmas is in a week! Woohoo! I am so happy about this information! Christmas! Just a week away... Oh wow! Can you believe it? Christmas! Just in a week! It got here so fast! Just a w-

God, super tired today.

Just want to lie down and relax

It honestly feels like Twitter are wanting to lose members with the practices they're pushing.

You can't even share a linktree link at current. Which is going to massively stunt content creators.

Ryuko Da yeen looks like they U-turned that

Darkmane Arweinydd They did, surprisingly. But if they keep pulling shit like this off, it makes me wonder the longevity of Twitter as a whole


Tyler Furrison Awoo

Darkmane Arweinydd awoooooo

Tyler Furrison awoooooooooooo!

Alby Waffles Meoooow

I keep forgetting to check on my groups.

Because for some reason it won't show the posts from them on the timelines of admins and moderators

Whew, I was inactive yesterday due to programming Wynter.

I've missed a lot of joins. Welcome to everybody who's new around here!

Happy Christmas everyone!

I hope you're all doing amazing

Tyler Furrison is chrismn

Darkmane Arweinydd christmas!


A couple of cows were smoking weed and playing poker...

The steaks were high.

Eleanor Soot I hate and love this

Darkmane Arweinydd I’m glad 😅