Added one or two things

Eleanor Soot Noice, though i'd throw in some more colors

Seed Sprout I feel like too many colors would be distracting

Eleanor Soot True but just one color makes it bland

A preview of what's coming to my Twitch

Darkmane Arweinydd Looks good! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Darkmane Arweinydd Merry Christmas

Hopefully people decide to at least give this place a shot

Darkmane Arweinydd We will live in hope.

Boy See Idaho

Seed Sprout
created poll
Okay so instead of doing Pokemon Nuzlocke for my next Twitch stream, I wanna do Rhythm Heaven Fever. Which version should I do? ( 2)

Okay so for some reason, my posts like to just not work

My brother saw a video pop up called "Inches"
I said "Why have inches when you can have centimeters?"

Seed Sprout why do quotation marks not work properly...