I made a thing :p

Eleanor Soot Aww man, it didn't come out as a gif >:/

Darkmane Arweinydd Hm, I might have to look into this.

Hey everyone, happy new year! Hope yall are doin good πŸ’œ

Darkmane Arweinydd Happy New Year! :)

Morning everyone, hope your staying warm and enjoy time with your family πŸ’œ

Darkmane Arweinydd I am! Hope you are too :)

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves, i just got my tree today. 💜

Tyler Furrison "I just my tree today"

Eleanor Soot *Fucking hate Dyslexia...*

Hey there FC, I'd like to let ya'll know i'm holding VRChat movie nights in my server. If ya'll would like to join these events then join my server! (Link can be found below or on my profile)

Morning Cuties

Darkmane Arweinydd Afternoon!

Eleanor Soot
Created a new video Proto frien

If your watching this you my friend now... we're going to have soft taco's later!

Darkmane Arweinydd Yay! :)

Good morning cuties, hope yall hade a great thanksgiving! (If you celebrated it)

πŸ‘‹ Good morning cuties πŸ’œ

Darkmane Arweinydd Guess I can’t reply 👀

Jasper Senpai You are a cutie

Darkmane Arweinydd nope